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Visual Lottery Analyser (DVD)


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The differences between purchasing software on DVD and download version are:

1. Two software licenses! You can activate software on two computers.
2. On DVD we deliver full wheel systems database. Over 2100 systems are included.
3. Full software localization with additional language files.
4. Trial versions of our other programs are included on disc in Sprintbit Software Trials folder.


Visual Lottery Analyser is state-of-the-art lottery analysis software, which has many unique features that you will see for the first time.
The software is working with almost all lottery games in the world!
Supports Pick, Keno and any standard lottery game, including games with additional Powerball - Bonus numbers.

With software we provide daily online lottery numbers (drawings) updates. All U.S.A, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, Australia
and other major lottery games from the world are supported

If you are a beginner or want to get your tickets fast then Visual Lottery Analyser can work for you also in fully-automated mode.
It has a One Step Analysis feature; with just one click or finger touch you can get everything in one step;
from downloading the latest drawings, analyzing the game automatically, getting the best possible numbers to play, generating lottery tickets to showing the tickets on the window and finally printing them or sending as SMS etc.

If you are a professional player here you will find everything that you need to create advanced tickets, play, edit, analyze games, use and edit wheel systems, calculate and keep statistics of your lottery games and much more.
You can also analyze games manually and visually. Instead of looking on columns with numbers that do not tell too much, you can now know how the numbers may go with taking one look... analyze drawing numbers occurrences, frequencies, groups/blocks of numbers, special numbers, numbers in vertical or horizontal lines, by the date etc.

Using tickets creation features you can create smart lottery tickets accordingly to the software rules or your rules.
It has features for creating and editing wheel systems. Over 2100 wheel systems are included. You can use them to create lottery tickets by replacing system numbers with yours and apply filters to the system.

Some of major features are

  • Create My Tickets
  • Tickets Advanced Generator
  • Create My System
  • One Step Analysis 
  • Prediction
  • Visual Analyser
  • My Games

Other features:

  • Games World Database
  • Lottery Numbers Online Updating
  • My Tickets Manager
  • Notepad,
  • Financial & Hits Statistics
  • Search Drawings
  • Wheels Systems Editor
  • Wheels Systems Hits Checker
  • Check Game Results.
  • Numbers Report
    In addition to all new visual analyzing techniques Numbers Report feature analyzing games using old-fashion mathematical methods.

There is so much more to discover!
Please visit our web site at Visual Lottery Analyser Home Page for more information.
Download the software here 


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