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Home Multimedia Library is a solution for digital media cataloging, organizing and playback.
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You can create catalogs and libraries of your CDs, photos, playlist and audio and video files. The software has built-in multimedia players  and also includes Playback Statistic, Internet Radio, CDDB Database, File Searcher and some other useful features like built-in File Browser. All major audio, video and playlist files are supported. Please see below what you can do with its capabilities and features.


Media Library lets you can organize your entire collection of audio and video files into a library of Artists and Albums. Media Library can store all kinds of information about created artists, albums and files entries.  You can keep artist pictures, biography, discography, lyrics and much other information.  In addition to organizing your files you can also store them in the database file as well.
Photo Albums lets you create albums of your digital pictures. You can organize pictures into albums with categories, view and edit pictures.
In addition to organizing pictures you can store them in the database.  Files stored in the database can be additionally encrypted.
CD Catalog library lets you create a database of all your CD audio discs.
You can scan your discs and store all tracks information, lyrics, CD properties, front cover, back cover
and CD picture. To scan your Cds you can also query the CDDB Internet database for track names and album information. In addition album's front cover image can be downloaded from Internet as well.
Subtitles Editor is a database of lyrics and subtitles you can collect. It has also a editor that lets you edit synchronized timelines with the playback. You can view subtitles orlyrics text while  listening to the audio,video files or watch movie.
Playlists Database is a library where you can store your playlists files.

Playback Features:

You can play all of major audio files: mp3 mp1 mp2 wav ogg aiff wma m4a mp4 flac aac ac3 wv it xm s3m mod mtm mo3 cda mid and a many other if you have required codec installed.
You can play all of major video files: mpg mp4 asf avi wmv mkv and many other if you have required codec installed on your computer.
Play internet media stream, this includes files located on server and internet radio stations.
Play files in normal, full screen mode or in a standalone window.
Play encrypted media files. Files must be encrypted by our Sprintbit File Manager program.
You can maximize your listening experience with Subtitles & Pictures features.
Trace your favorite files playback frequency in Playback Statistics feature.

Files Management

Software work directly with your files on your computer by use of fully featured built-in File Browser.
You can use that browser to add files to libraries and perform file management tasks such as file deleting, renaming, copying etc.
Search for files in your computer, view pictures etc



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